The Center for Investment, Trade and Industry and Business Council-Brazil-Saudi Arabia-CICIBAS was founded in 2009 after the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of the same year. The agreement stipulates in Art.3-3 that the signatory parties should encourage the emergence and creation of Bilateral Business Councils as a way to facilitate cooperation, technical, scientific, cultural and business investment between the two countries. Therefore, we are the first and only bilateral Business Council between Brazil and Saudi Arabia.
With 6 years of experience in the Brazilian and Saudi market, the Chamber of Investment, Trade and Industry and Business Council-Brazil-Saudi Arabia is a center of investment, commerce and industry of Brazil and Saudi Arabia that makes a direct business and between the two countries in order to facilitate dialogue and bilateral agreements for governments, entrepreneurs, partners and mainly partners, contributing to technical, scientific, cultural, tourism and investment cooperation.

CICIBAS has an office in Brasilia, São Paulo and Riyadh, in order to facilitate logistics, market understanding and identification of existing problems for effective negotiation on both sides. Our members and employees occupy the entire Brazilian and Saudi territory, making our team very appropriate in terms of cultural, linguistic and market knowledge.

The Board of Directors, an organ of the Chamber, is composed of businessmen of great performance in the Brazilian economic scenario, helping us understand the aspirations of Brazilian entrepreneurs, difficulties and barriers to access to Saudi markets, exports and imports, products and services. The Council assists entrepreneurs and governments to become closer to the sectors of greater economic participation, as well as to promote activities, fairs, B2B, road show, match making with other businessmen from Saudi Arabia, and to help other entrepreneurs to have greater knowledge of the market. In contrast, in Saudi Arabia, there is also a Business Council for entrepreneurs originating in the Kingdom, making direct interaction between Saudi and Brazilian entrepreneurs.